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Gile13 is the newest project methodology from IT Tesla Solutions, developed to compete with traditional agile software development based on years of experience in working with vast amount of clients from different types of industries.
Our methodology is based on five fundamental pillars.
Define, Design, Develop, Debug, Deploy
These five pillars hold 13 steps on their shoulders.

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Our in-house CMS called Tesla Tools is a boilerplate that we use as a foundation for all the future MVPs. Tesla Tools contains many different solutions that can be used in the product from the getgo. Main selling points of Tesla Tools are its modern interface, intuitiveness, ease of use, ability for collaboration, reporting and repository.

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Our software solutions

Desktop and Web Applications


BI tool designed to retrive, analyze, transform and report data for business intelligence .


Tool that enables users to streamline and simplify business-wide risk management .


Performance management tool that enables monitoring and reviewing of overall contribution .


Electronic system mainly used for data manipulation and corporate governance .


Content management system for web sites. ASP.NET C# + MSSQL 2012 database .


Our customer relationship management and supply chain management applications .


Online Library evidention (books, authors, users, book types) ASP.NET C# + MSSQL 2012 .


Integrated Electronic Learning System for school institutions .


Online application for mobile shops .

Hardware Engineering

We will provide you with all the necessary assistance and advice related to the selection and purchase of hardware equipment guaranteeing the improvement of business performance and providing an adequate platform for the application of advanced software solutions. We also offer our services in design and implementation of network systems by trained and certified staff including the purchase of necessary equipment: desktop and laptop computers, network servers and other network equipment.

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Our hardware solutions

Server configuration

Configure and test any server enviroment to ensure it's working optimaly .

Cloud services

Cloud computing provides processing resources and data to all the other users on demand .


Proffessional service focused on interactions between all of the devices within a company .


Wireless application access points providing a secure network for all of the connected devices .


Consulting, surveillance system and digital security services .


Cable installation, repairs, termination including high speed fibre optic cabling services .

Consulting team

If you, or your company need any help regarding IT sector problems, feel free to contact us

Information technology consulting (IT Consulting) is an activity that focuses on support and advisory services for business customers in order to make the most out of computer technology in accordance with their needs and business objectives.

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Custom Apps

As the world shifts more and more into using the web for conducting almost all of it's work online, it is only logical that we should follow. That's why we offer our services in building any type of app necessary for your business to prosper and achieve world wide success.
If you have any type of app on your mind but you never had time to put it in motion, now is the best time. Contact us bellow and we will work out the details in making your very own app as soon as possible.

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Web Design

Design for your company...

The internet has become the worlds most popular way to get to the interesting and accurate information about industrial, educational, scientific and social sectors therefore website business ideas and activities have become an essential way to promote your business.

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